Take-away ONLY.
Enjoy a delicious selection of 2 tasty home-made cakes, 2 savory sandwiches roll and fresh and seasonal assortment salad.
Selection will change regularly

From 18£ per person (picture represents a portion for 2/3 persons).

Available cakes to choose: (individual cake or slices)
- Brownie.
- Banana cake with caramel topping and caramelised pecan pieces.
- Vanilla cake with orange blossom icing and pistachio pieces.
- Lemon cake, lime topping and almond pieces.
- Scone with home-made jam (raspberry, litchee and rose).

- Chocolate mousse.

- Fruit tart.
- Big buns (cinnamon or peanut butter and jam).

- Big cookies with caramel, chocolate and hazelnut topping.

or  seasonal fruit salad.

Available sandwichies to choose:
(Bread rolls)
- Tofu, onions and mayo roll (vegan egg mayonnaise).
- BLT style (seitan marinated in a smoked and spicy sauce, sundried tomatoes, salad and mayo).

- Humus, falafels and tarator sauce (tahini, soya cream and lemon)


- Fresh salad with seasonal vegetables, seeds and lovely dressing.



Please add a note (available at checkout time) to your selection.


Do not hesitate to give me your suggestions.


Sumptuous afternoon tea