About my work

Passionate self-made cooker

➜Learn more about the way I work:

• It is essential for me to take the time to explain my vision of the cooking and the way I work because I am really invested in a cooking ethics. It's not just a job, it's a real passion.

• The recipes I offer or publish are from my own creation and they are the result of my personal researches and tests. This is how I see cooking, creating unique recipes based on my inspiration and influences of the moment.

• I am particularly demanding on the quality of the products I use everyday and I always try to promote seasonal and local fruits and vegetables. I favour the use of raw ingredients that I transform myself. I try to have an ecological and ethical approach in all of my work.
This choices I've made implies a higher price because it requires more work. I prefer opting for quality over price. Only taste matters.

• Choosing good ingredients to create my dishes and my cakes is not enough for me, I also associate the flavours to the right texture in order to obtain an harmonious result.

The nutritional aspect of my cooking is of great importance to me and that's why you find nutritional information on the products that I offer.

I intend to share more about this topic on my blog (nutrition, health, cooking recipes, ecology...).
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