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• Cake maker  & recipes creator

• Food safety  & Hygiene Level 2

I am available and enthusiastic for any collaboration to develop vegan projects and any other interesting proposals.

See you soon!


Who am I?

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Hi there!
My name is Malory. I am 35 years old, I have been a vegan chef for several years. I create and develop vegan recipes. I created my own business and with it, I collaborated with a some coffee shops, sold my products on the market and take-away.
I have a short experience as a chef in a vegan restaurant.

I am French and I live in the UK  for a few years.
I'm absolutely passionate about cooking and nutrition. I am a self-taught cook and proud of it; it represents years of experience and personal investment. My school background allowed me to study nutrition and my passion allowed me to learn even more.

I never stay on my knowledge and always try to improve. There are so many different flavours to discover in the cuisine of the world that it is impossible for me not to be constantly on the lookout for something new.
I want to be able to adapt to different types of diet (gluten-free, low carb...) and find the best balance between the pleasure of eating and a healthy approach to eating.
The seasonality of the products, their quality are part of my cooking goals. More fresh, raw and conscientious products on our plates.

The love of good food is not necessarily a bad thing 😊


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